Carbon Neutrality


making or resulting in no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, especially as a result of carbon offsetting.

Our Aim

As part of our endeavour to #LiveGently we strive to be a completely carbon neutral brand from the start. An ambitious goal for a start-up, but one that we feel is imperative to achieve given the current state of the world and the environmental crises facing us.

Carbon Footprint

We all have a carbon footprint, from the moment you wake up in the morning till you go to bed at night, and even during the night, you are contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases. Such is our way of life in the Anthropocene.

While this isn't great for the environment, there are ways that we can reduce this footprint and try to keep it as small as possible. Daily things like cycling to work or turning the lights off in the house when not in use can make a large compound difference.

As a brand we are aware that the production/packaging/shipping of our products brings with it a large carbon footprint. We are implementing a number of strategies to negate this input of greenhouse gases into the environment.


Introducing Sanctuary, the global forest that we are going to plant together.
Trees are natures remedy to greenhouse gas emissions, with a typical hardwood able to sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.
1 ton of CO2 is a lot.
As well as planting trees across the world to offset our manufacturing and shipping carbon footprint, we will also be planting a tree with every order from Buona Vita.
Find out more about Sanctuary and our tree planting sites across the world here.


Unfortunately not all of our products can be manufactured locally in the UK, leading to carbon emissions during the transportation process. To reduce these emissions to as low as possible, all of our stock manufactured abroad is imported via ship as opposed to air freight.

Per 2 tonnes of freight carried 5000km, cargo ships produce about 45x less CO2 than air freights.

This will require more planning on our part due to the speed of delivery for cargo ships delivery being longer than that of planes. This is however in our eyes, a small inconvenience that we are happy to deal with in the name of sustainability.

Buying Locally

We try and source our ingredients and materials locally whenever possible to reduce on the amount of carbon emissions we produce from transporting goods.

As a result, on top of being environmentally conscious and plastic-free, all of our packaging materials are bought from local vendors here in the UK.

Find out more about our packaging here.